Activist US Supreme Court – Obamacare Decision WRONG!

The Obama Administration is celebrating the Supreme Court decision to wrongfully ignore the plain language in the Affordable Care Act regarding subsidies and State exchanges. While the language was simple, plain and unambiguous, the Court took an activist role and trampled on the US Constitution. The pressure is building for traditional Americans to rise up and take back their freedom.
I know most people feel the tensions building, Good against evil, Right versus Wrong etc. The non-productive class, the immoral masses have literally forced themselves and their will on the hard working moral and traditional people of this great nation.
It may already be too late… But if we don’t act now, what the hell kind of a future do our children have to look to? Please… Take some action, March, protest, fight – fight – fight! Help every employee set up their own consulting company and “Contract” their services, get rid of payroll withholding and do your part to starve the system as to force change. –by Roger Fredinburg