Agenda 21 “What it is” Sustainability Cult quietly stealing your Freedom

By Roger Fredinburg

What is Agenda 21? What’s wrong with being forced to live in a Government controlled “Sustainable Community? Here’s my view!
I am now telling people that Agenda 21 is a “Sustainability Cult” A movement very similar to the WW ll internment camp mentality used to justify the internment of Japanese folks (Some Italians & Germans too).
But this internment camp movement is masquerading as a free choice for the “poor” and the “Working class”
These stack & Pack fully self contained “communities” are just modern internment camps.
Government & “Sustainability Cult” leaders will control your food & water supply – Your transportation method, schedule and destinations. They will control your access to medical care, even your contact with other people in different camps.
The Agenda 21 “cult” is building to a point where – We will all live in safe little prison like camps where we will be forcibly converted “reeducated” into being docile and compliant little government controlled zombies.
Yes Virginia – It’s time to start $#@@ting the b@$tard$.

Quoting Author Claire Wolf: (She was wrong about the last part – by the way in my humble opinion)

“America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

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