America’s WMD’s Displayed in Your City?

America’s WMD’s displayed in your city


By Richard Gorris, D.D.S.

© Ardege 2013

Have you ever considered food a weapon?

Seen in the light of the rising sun, food can be:

a source of power;

a fuel to nourish your body;

a means to profit;

a weapon for peace;

a weapon for mass destruction and degeneration of the human body!

For some reason, it’s a power that has been put into your hands. Are you using that power for degeneration or regeneration and rejuvenation of your miraculous body?


The real WMD is the table setting; the knife, fork, spoon and cup. The implements you use to shovel chemical weapons, disguised as food and beverage, into your mouth with wanton disregard for its contents or consequences.


Take a look around. What do you see?

What do you hear from those around you and on TV?

What complaints and symptoms do you read about in the media? What are your complaints?   Are they related to WMD’s hidden in the privacy of your home, or paraded and advertised throughout your town?

That should be enough proof.

Do you really need more teams to investigate while you needlessly suffer and your life erodes from within, without your knowledge or consent?


“Over the lips, past the gums, look out stomach here it comes”.

Should that be blared out over the PA systems at your local fast food restaurants?

Is that your national anthem?



You are a part of the most misinformed species in the animal kingdom.


Come on back tomorrow and I’ll explain it to you in another way.


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