Life is a Balancing Act

Life in Balance is a challenge from infancy to elders.   It begins when you shove your feet, each one with 25 joints, into shoes at an early age and continue thru life doing that.

Remember from school when they taught you we were Arthropods….”jointed foot”.  Your feet need to be flexible and adaptable…you are born that way, but soon shoes, foods, and misinformation can change the course of your life.

Remember when you dentist told you periodontal disease was Stage I Arthritis, caused by a nutritional deficiency of about 18%?

Remember when your doctor told you that midlife arthritis was Stage II Arthritis, caused by a nutritional deficiency of about 30%?

Remember when your doctor told you that if you kept eating the way that got you to Stage I and Stage II Arthritis you’d end up with balance and hearing disorders, Stage III Arthritis?

Remember the first 2 drugs introduced by the pharmaceutical industry were antibiotics and arthritis medicine?    Pretty smart, make a drug to mask the symptoms of a condition common in malnourished arthropods,  without addressing the cause….profit and a long  term consumer!  Worse yet, there is no known correlation between the drug they prescribe and the condition they are treating you for.   The symptoms get masked, the condition continues all the days of your life…and you end up with more medications usuallly.

Remember when your doctor told you that nightshades really aggravate and arthritis conditions?   Did your doctor even know what a nightshade was?

Remember when your doctor told you arthritis was “part of getting old”, but it was a treatable disease?     It’s not a disease, it’s a definition.

Flexibility and mobility, both characteristics of youthfulness, that rapidly disappear prematurely in our malnourished nation, can be recovered nutritionally if you get started soon enough.

Your feet have to balance your body on top of them, they need to be very flexible to accommodate the irregular surfaces we are designed to walk on….but wait….what about shoes?

Your head has to send signals from the hearing and balance structures in your head and balance them out with the signals coming from your feet…..Should be easy, but ask anyone with balance problems….it’s a real problem.

Even more of a challenge is understanding why few doctors ever tell you early in life, or even late in life, about stage III Arthritis.

Get in touch with the Earth….with shoes on?  Get in touch with your body and it’s relationship between the environment within you and the environment you’d like to take your body into.   Life is a balancing act:  flexible feet, flexible hands, flexible prehensile organs, flexible ear bones.

Isn’t it time to return to the characteristics of youthfulness so you can continue the balancing act?   You are still an Arthropod, at any age.  You can be a frugivorous Omnivore at any age….the sooner the better.

You can if you understand the Frugivore-5…..available here soon.


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