China Flexing it’s Muscle in S. China Sea – USA owes China $Trillions?

America owes China Trillions of dollars – If China stops lending us money the USA will collapse in a few seconds. The Criminal Politicians who set us up to be vulnerable and under the control of Red China should all be rounded up and BLEEPED! China about to attack? The US Military is dispatching ships, drones and helicopters to monitor ongoing Chinese aggression in the South China seas. If there is any exchange of gunfire, China will cut the USA off from the welfare train and this country will collapse like a cheap suit. Sandy Ortiz of Fox news makes bizarre Gay connection to the Phili train wreck and Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is sentenced to death – Finally, the Bird Flu is sweeping the midwestern United States. Our Poultry industry is terrifies as you should be. Is the “End Times” prophecy unfolding before out eyes? Are we at the end? Listen to the video and respond! What a day!