Conservative Patriotic America First Writers Wanted! has been around since 1996.

The URL and brand is 2nd to none in online reputation because of the age, credibility and the longevity it has developed over the decades.

The page has basically been in search of a better purpose for some time.

If you are Pro-Trump and a true God fearing patriotic American – wanting to post on a website that can dominate the search engines – RegularGuy is the place.

We are now exploring the possibility of adding contributors – who see the rot and moral decline in American society – and desire a platform to advance a counter offensive against the powers and principalities that threaten our very way of life.

Writers are not paid currently – but may include 1 ad of their own per article – Also, promote their own ideas, businesses, projects and causes so long as they do not promote angy hate filled rants, violence – or any anti American – anti President Trump messages (excluding factual news and interest items obviously).

We are 100% pro Traditional values, Family oriented and Christian at heart.

Any articles that fail to respect that core value at Regularguy will not be allowed to post here.

If interested please let us know!