Culture Renewal Invisibly from Garden to Gullet


Time to take the action step

It’s time to get multiSensOrally involved.   Move into new dimensions, NOW, internally, externally and eternally.

*****flash-back from another time*****another dimension*****

“Mistress Mary, quite contrary, how ….. does your garden grow?”

Did you ever hear her say:   “because of

increased nutrient availability of the nutrients necessary for growth, development, regeneration and rejuvenation, and reproduction of the species,

elimination of toxins, molecular debris and by-products of reorganization of elements necessary for life and growth of the species.

in both of my garden environments.

Internally in that mysterious tunnel running from Kisser-to-Klipper,

externally in the garden growing foods designed to nourish my body, not just feed it,  fill it, and fool me.

All of the invisible magic nourished with life’s necessary nutrients, beneficial bacteria, probiotics, enzymes, the right environment, water, oxygen, sunlight and moonlight.   There is no time, no place, and no reason to not maintain, the cultures of bacteria in either of your gardens, in particular the one you carry with you…..your portable garden that makes the use of a Porta-Potty even easier.

There’s no mystery about it.   It’s a multiSensOral  and multidimensional adventure that happens when I take Theralac, Enzalase, Tru-Flora.  Even better, the experience at the Porcelain-Pond tends to be almost effortless, along with tremendous decrease in the use of TP (just think of the trees that could be saved if humankind didn’t have such excessive use) to clean up the launch-gate!

Are you one of them?   Why?

I help save the forests, decrease launch time, and Youth’n’eyes both of my gardens with Theralac, Enzalase, Tru-Flora, internally, externally, eternally.

What’s in your garden?


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