General Flynn fired – Arrest Obama for the Leaks!

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Retired General Michael Flynn was fired this week Because of Vice President Mike Pence after it was allegedly discovered Flynn did not fully explain a previous conversation he had with a Russian diplomat in which Flynn suggested relations between the U.S. and Russia would likely improve after Trump became president. The media and Democrats are calling this undeniable proof of undo influence by Russia on American foreign policy.

Interestingly the media express no such angst over President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice when caught lying about Benghazi – where 4 Americans died. Nobody died as a result of General Flynn doing his job. More #fakenews lunacy from the far left media. This is a sad day, Flynn is the best anti-terror guy we have. America loses on this evil media assault.

There was no such outrage for this moment when then-President Barack Obama leaned into then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and whispered he would have “more flexibility” to work with Russia after the 2012 Election. It was a message Medvedev promptly indicated would be delivered to Putin.