Green New Deal is a SCAM

The Green New deal Challenge! (By Roger Fredinburg)

I keep hearing that “Renewable energy” is the way to go! Fossil fuels must be eliminated – never to be used again… (Please show me that solar powered passenger airliner).

Bernie Sanders and his leftist’s acolyte’s like NY Congresswoman Sandy Cortez (AOC) keep screaming from the rooftops about ending the energy industry as we know it – replacing it with wind power, solar and other inefficient methods of energy production.

These crazies remind me of the guy who strapped wings to his arms and started flapping as he careened to his death at the bottom of his gravity driven leap. It seems that if you abandon reason, common sense, scientific facts and the laws of physics… A deranged fool will succumb to a warped conclusion or twisted fantasy that may take on the appearance of reality in the contorted minds of ignorant buffoons like Sleepy Joe Biden, Crazy Bernie and AOC.

So here is the challenge:

I want these three loons named above to find some folks to build an electric car… The rules being that they must acquire the raw materials – tools – machinery etc. without any trace of fossil fuels at any stage of the effort…

All components of any machinery needed to build the car – tools – process – transportation – manufacturing equipment – I mean anything used to achieve the objective cannot have been derived using a fossil fuel source…

Oh heck! I won’t even demand a complete car – Just make me the tires and wheels using these rules!

If you can do it? I am happy to discuss a serious transformation to your stated objective of 100% renewable energy. If not… you must shut the hell up and go find a real job!

The fact is… building the parts to make and install a windmill requires more fossil fuel energy than a windmill will produce in 458 years. Making and setting up a solar farm is even worse! The raw materials must be mined from the earth – no Green equipment exists to extract those materials… and the expense of fossil fuels required to obtain them – once again – will use more energy than they’ll ever save. Wire, Insulation for the wire, metal components or plastics to build the many parts – require tons of energy – are derived from either the soil or petroleum (Plastics).

It’s a pipe dream – a lie – a massive rip-off to even suggest that we should rob taxpayers to fund research that leads to a never-ending path of failure and broken promises.

People seem so easily brainwashed by leftist lunacy these days… Living in a fictional make-believe fantasy world will not light your cities or deliver the goods – It just recruits folks into the green cult.

We need to expose the charlatans for their fraud and chicanery here, The New Green Deal is just another science fiction fabrication intended to take advantage of people with weak minds and low IQ’s.

Next time one of these clowns tries to blow green smoke up your butt… make them take the Green New Deal Challenge outlined here!