How we can Make America Great Again! Was it ever really great?

thumb-doodle-clip-art-219731I was asked what it means to “Make America Great Again”  Okay – I’ll bite! To #MakeAmericaGreatAgain we need a real leader to guide us back on the path of hope, prosperity and moral living. I believe Donald J. Trump has the capacity to understand what has caused America to decline, and I feel he is the best Candidate in 2016 to lead us back to fiscal health and bring jobs and opportunity back to the USA.

Here is how I answer the question:

America was great when Family values were preeminent – When the sexually depraved and the communists on the far left stayed in the damned closet where they belong – When Abortion was properly illegal and when the pews of our churches were full of people of every race and creed – singing praises to our Lord Jesus and seeking to live moral and productive lives… When pride and self worth kept people from accepting hand outs and seeking undeserved charity – When everyone could find a decent job, open a business and succeed and live the good life – free of Government micro managers disrupting their daily lives. When children could depend on both a Mom and a Dad being there at the dinner table every night – America was great when hope sprung eternal and faith was our guide – when criminals faced real penalties for their crimes, and when children knew their place, and if they lost their way – Both Mom and Dad had the lawful authority to use appropriate discipline to help them find the path back to normalcy and self control – America was great when self defense was expected and not considered a crime, when Property rights had teeth, Parental rights had substance and when “Big Brother” was in a book titled “1984” and not a real threat – and Political Correctness did not exist, and Tattoos were a rare oddity, and marriage lasted a lifetime. Listed here are a few values and traditions that have been lost, altered or abandoned that once made America truly GREAT! Vote Trump & we will Make America Great Again!


-Roger Fredinburg


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