Humans! MisInformed?

Misinformed Humans

By Richard Gorris, D.D.S.


Face to face, I was working professionally in the upper end of the digestive tract of the most misinformed species in the animal kingdom….Humankind.


Here’s the underpinnings. Can you tell me what it supports?


1 The only one that drinks milk after being weaned
2 The only mammal feeding milk from another species to its offspring
3 The only species routinely denying their offspring the milk from their Mom, containing the priceless immunities it will need during the few years it takes to develop its own immune system and become self- sustaining.
4 The only species who routinely gives consent to be vaccinated with something they don’t even know about. The vaccines sometime contained mercury, one of the most hazardous materials known to man, other than radioactive elements.
5 The only species that will routinely deprive itself of food in the interest of weight management.
6 The only species finding it necessary to prepare food on a special device, particularly the microwave oven, formerly known as a Radar Range when they first came onto the marketplace and homes of the American consumer.
7 The only species needing a special device to sit on in order to eliminate waste from its body.
8 The only species needing toilet paper to clean up the launch site at the Porcelain Pond.
9 The only species who routinely has their teeth cleaned, or the holes in them filled with the most toxic element on this Earth other than radioactive material.
10 The only species routinely seeking birthing assistance with chemicals which interfere with the ability of the infant to nurse from its own Mom.


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