Keys to unlocking new Awareness

In the Light of the Night is there an Awakening, the key to unlocking new awarenesses in you.

When the lights go out and the thoughts come on,  are there visions of sugar plums dancing in your head?

Have the characteristics of youthfulness been nourished during this day so that the healing, regeneration and rejuvenation can prevail during sleep?

is there a train wreck in your future?

Are there degenerative demons tearing up the delicate life-promoting tunnel materials from Kisser to Klipper, materials mandatory for inbound nutrients to enter into and nourish your body in search of youthfulness, and for outbound by-products and debris to leave.

Is there dancing and destruction in that mysterious tunnel designed for healing, repairing, regenerating and rejuvenating?

Is it delivered thru what was once referred to as the gateway to youthfulness, but now has turned into the gateway of degeneration via the gateway drug of choice—sugar?

Is there repair work needed because of sugar-bugs and uninvited guests?

Are there beacons of energy pulsing from the powerhouse within you making brilliant light —a brilliance you will never see, but you are entitled to feel?

Sounds making echos and transmitting energy you can feel flashing from a train that you will never see?

Why not let it illuminate the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday?

Illuminate your thoughts for tomorrow, built on the today’s lessons.


In the silence of darkness are there bells ringing and energies in motion?

Could the flashing lights mean a train is on the way?

When the lights go out, the train is still running, in silence, in darkness, it runs from Kisser to Klipper, faithfully, working on your behalf, to heal, repair, regenerate and rejuvenate that world within you, that is bigger than the world around you!

 Is there a train wreck in your future?

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