Mercury Monkey on you back or in your mouth?

DD$ —– Degeneration Deception $

Did you pay $ to a professional to Deceive you, take your money without being fully informed and implant an extremely dangerous guaranteed material ( a silver filling ) that would ravage your entire body and promote Degeneration for the duration of  your life?

Invest the necessary time in your future and youthfulness… listen to this powerful presentation by world’s leading authorities on Dental Amalgam poisoning… at the moment for a limited time….. could be the best time you spent in a long time.

Isn’t it time to get better information in the interest of your future and your loved ones?

Information helps you make better decisions—it’s all about choices an consequences.  You’ll be surprised at the consequences of being deceived by your health care professionals.

It’s your life, your health and your choice.


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