Obama equates Illegals as Equal to Native Born Americans – WRONG!

Amnesty and open Borders under Obama are Disgraceful policies and should be ended. But the wimpy Republican Congress, Both the House and the Senate don’t have the courage to stand up to Obama or the USA’s Chinese Creditors in Beijing. President Obama seems to think that crimes are only crimes when you break a law he feels like enforcing – Well Mr. President … You sir are in violation of your Oath – Derelict in your Presidential Duties and should be Impeached. But the Cowards in Congress refuse… I say it’s time for a mass cleansing in the next election! Please Dear God! Look, I have no problem with streamlining the immigration process and making it less cumbersome and better for all involved – But the point is – The President takes an oath to uphold the law – everyone loses when he breaks that oath, Americans and all who seek this land as their home.