Palin Endorses Donald Trump – Why Trump will win – Radio Show Video

Reg Guy Palin Trump winsCover #Trump and #Palin – Media Pundits can whine and cry all they want – The National Review can attack Trump all they want – The Neocons can conspire and hang out in all the dark smoke filed rooms they want – But none of that will stop Donald J. Trump from becoming the Republican nominee. Trumps is a Marketing genius who has found a message that resonates with people across Par lines and political boundaries. “WE” will make America Great Again” is a profound and uniting sentiment. He will win because in a dumber than dirt population, simple is what works best. Trump has give us a reason to hope in hopeless times. That is his power, and his message is working. Pundits are perplexed, the establishment is apoplectic, and the masses will choose his confidence and bravado because America desperately needs a new kind of leader, Like Trump or not – he is that in spades.


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