Premium softness without the wasteful tube … advertising the unmentionables.

At last  tube free!

The headline people have been pondering for years,

even while there’s always been a paper shortage.

How many trees will ‘ tube-free’ save?

In an effort to safe more trees, why not be not only tube free but paper free?

It’s the only way to go when you visit to Porcelain Pond.

We’ve had flush-less toilets, no-touch flush toilets,

Scented TP as if the Klipper had a sniffer,

Artistic TP as if the Klipper had eyes,

How about TP for Carnivores

….raspy like  a carnivore’s tongue?

If you are a carnivore, you already have touch-less TP,

it’s called a tongue!

TP for frugivorous omnivores?  Not hardly.

No TP for Frugivorous Omnivores at the Porcelain Pond ?…

Is it really necessary for life?


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