President Trump’s enemies in the media have no clue!

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President Trump has bamboozled the poor dumb libtard media loons many times in the past 2 years.

These narcissistic leftists do not ‘get it’ and they never will.

President Trump plays them like a Stradivarius – and they continually miss the point.

President Trump is about to elbow Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority leader Mitch McConnell towards real tax policy reforms, immigration reform and to the repeal and replacement of the catastrophic failure we know as Obamacare.

He is rallying his base – readying them for battle as he knows the RINO wimps in Congress will sabotage him at every turn.

Here is a story to lend background.
MELBOURNE, Fla. — Many of President Trump’s most dedicated supporters — the sort who waited for hours in the Florida sun this weekend for his first post-inauguration campaign rally — say their lives changed on election night. Suddenly they felt like their views were actually respected and in the majority.

But less than one month into Trump’s term, many of his supporters say they once again feel under attack — perhaps even more so than before.
link to WaPo article here