Seattle WA. – The reason “CHAZ” is a sign of the END TIMES

by Roger Fredinburg

The emerging Government of “CHAZ” – Seattle’s new border country is an obvious creation derived of the social lunacy of raising children in a discipline free society aka. Dr. Spock’s “Lord of the Flies” utopia.

Parents and Grandparents who fail to see the result of their own mistakes here – of raising morally bankrupt – secular humanist brat’s – using Leftist indoctrination camps – known as public schools… Better wake the hell up – FAST – or they will face the consequences of their own children’s crimes! When your brats realize that you didn’t arm them with the skills to survive independently – they will come to clean you out – they will pass mandatory euthanasia or anything they can to allow them access to the last remaining flesh on your bones – they will not stop until they have fully exhausted the supply of free stuff  – They don’t care about the cost so long as someone else pays the price.

This is how all extinct civilizations ended.

Tradition teaches us, that when humans are not required to pay a painful price for failure to accept responsibility for their actions – the consequences or penalties fall on the rest of society – and that always leads to destruction.

We are seeing it throughout modern culture – not just here in the USA but worldwide.

People have lost their way… We see it in the open acceptance of debased morals, sloth, sexual deviance, substance abuse, ritual pagan practices such as body art and outright defiance of all things Godly and good.

Productive people who make worthwhile contributions to the human condition are not respected, the most non-productive and useless people are demanding respect – But are not willing to earn it.

My parents taught that respect was earned – not something you can just demand out of thin air.

The lazy, doped up, drunken pervert who has not – nor will they ever produce anything – truly believes themselves “EQUAL” to the hard working – self driven producer – it’s an outrage.

The fact is – the Parasites have taken over the entire body of civilization and will eventually kill off the host if we fail to terminate their assault.

We live in a world where parents are too damned lazy to feed their own school age children a bowl of cereal for breakfast or slap together a sandwich and a piece of fruit so they can have a bag lunch at school. Rather – they shirk their responsibility and push it off on the taxpayers and producers – forcing hard working innocent bystanders to do their job – pay the cost – at the point of Big Brothers gun… Not because the parents can’t do it… but because they won’t! It’s not a “sustainable” concept. It’s evil!

In the world I grew up in… We worked on cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers – whatever! We learned how stuff worked – We learned how to be self-reliant and independent… And we were subjected to real discipline if we broke the rules at home – at school, or broke the law… Not so for young folks today – sadly.

Dr. Spock and his ilk convinced Americans to create a new social construct that breeds contempt for authority, feeds on fantasy and falls short of teaching minimum basic survival precepts – without which the entire culture is collapsing and degenerating into mass chaos. And soon … reactive violence will follow. It’s human nature to kill the enemy… Most young people today see everything traditional as their enemy.

They see U.S. history that way because in the tantrum driven culture of 2020 the parasite class wants it all – now – FREE! Nobody is trained to earn their financial and social stature over time – through hard work and dedication. Instead they are trained by the totalitarian schemers in Public Schools to think that they are entitled. That their Faith is a lie, that their parent’s “Old-School” ideals are outdated – old fashioned and irrelevant.

You might think you are helping your children and grandchildren by pretending along with them. Your fear of them not being your “BFF” is their undoing. They see your weakness and use it to control you – STOP IT! Grow up! If you really love your children – be a good parent and kick the little selfish maggots out of the nest – make them fly solo.

To resolve this nightmare and save America from the self-serving little leaches – you must finally take responsibility for and discipline the damned MONSTERS you have created. If your kids are morally bankrupt parasites… CUT THEM OFF – Completely! It is the only way we can resurrect this great nation.

Kick them out of the basement – take them off the free ride – Withdraw any assets you had planned to pass on to them in your will – redirect that money to something worthwhile such as a faith-based charity that is actually doing some good – the Salvation Army as one example. There are Animal Rescue Groups such as Delta Rescue out in California etc. But regardless – whatever you do… Cut any useless kids OUT… And tell them you are leaving them nothing!  (Productive Moral and Hard-Working Kids Excluded of course).

Seattle Socialists have claimed their new “Republic of Chaz” It represents the beginning of the end – it is likened to a herd of toddlers throwing a fit – they aren’t living in reality. This craziness is founded on the premise that all people are due an equal portion – irrespective of individual contribution. It’s a lie… “Knowledge of the truth will set you free” Short of Lone Wolf Patriots doing what needs doing… It will never be properly addressed.

Make these out of control, tantrum throwing crybabies grow up! Let them learn the truth by pushing them out of the nest onto the hard ground beneath. It is time for a reckoning.  Please don’t force the rest of us to pick up your slack… Pay the price for your failures – Be responsible Parents and Grandparents – Please do your damned job – Kick your progenies little asses hard while there is still a little time left on the clock of American greatness!