Supreme Court Over-reach – May lead to Christianity being Illegal in America!

1st – Gay Marriage decision – Considering the Christian view – By whatever name, Gay, Homosexual,  It matters not – if you are a Christian, you read that God say’s in the Bible that he is repulsed by it, according to the Bible God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah over it and Romans 1: 18-32  actually says God gave them over for their reprobate  minds. Christians may love the sinner, but they may not embrace or love the sin. Christians are to avoid all appearance of Evil.  Churches should be fighting this White House and Supreme Court attack on the religious freedoms of people of faith…  The US Supreme Court, acting more like our Supreme Rulers committed two unconstitutional and unlawful acts of legislative activism this week. Ruling for Gay Marriage, Christians feel that they turned the United States into the modern day equivalent of Sodom & Gomorrah. 2nd – Obamacare: On Obamacare, or the “Affordable Care Act” the Court simple determined to physically re-write the law. The court does not have the power to make law, and so we are asking people to begin calling for their immediate impeachment. Personally, I don’t understand why Government is in control of marriage to begin with…? Or healthcare? I think everyone should be responsible and accountable for any harm they cause another person – and I don’t think Gays should be pushing for Christian churches to marry them  – as that would require Christians to surrender their religious freedom. There are any number of ways Gays can seal their commitment – Not sure marriage is the right path – I am certain Christian churches should not be required to violate their beliefs – But – engaging in relationship issues is not the Governments purpose – Government needs to stay neutral as it represents all of us  – But – Laws can be reasonably applied to and enforcement methods utilized to hold people accountable if they cause any harm or force any undo burdens on their fellow man.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” –Edmund Burke