Transit Time for Frugivorous Omnivores


Transit Times

Ignored or honored?


Good morning

Frugivorous Omnivores, known and unknown.

How’s your transit time?  Is it Congested like most freeways?

Are you Rushed, and  you ‘don’t have time’?

Can you Ignore it?   Remember:   ‘ happens’!

No motion?   Not even in Australia and New Zealand

In motion?   Internally!

Rushed?  You might be soon.


Do you really think that you can’t do anything about it?

It’s time to wake up ….. all of you Frugivorous Omnivores…and other unmentionables at this time.


Transit time:  2 days or less

Congestion?   Your body is talking.

Are you listening?


Too rushed and you enjoy autointoxication?

Ignore it?

How long before you suffer severely?

No motion?   Stagnation. Dysbiosis

In motion!  Active, youthful, on time, daily, faithfully.


Get on board, or get run-down.   Here’s Conductor Max suggestions for this trip.  Theralac Pro; Theralac; Tru Flora; Enzalase; Tru Fiber.

Helping to improve your transit time from gullet to garden, even transit and delivery to your gullet, the Gateway to Youth-Fullness– mentally, physically, spiritually and then some

…..but wait, there’s more!

Improvement of nutrient transit into your inbound fuel supply, the utilization of it, and the elimination of the toxins, molecular debris and by-products of combustion—all occurring in the Dragon’s Tunnel … under the direction of Conductor Max and the Mercurial Monkey.

…. Ahhl aboard for today

Tomorrow, once again, more on Transit Time and the adventure of your lifetime.




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