Trump Wins! Donald Trump survives attacks from Pope Francis & Obama to win big in South Carolina! BONUS – Tell All Radio Interview with Hillary Clinton

SC show graphic templateIn a week where Republican front runner Donald Trump overcame attacks from the Catholic Pontiff Pope Francis, who suggested after visiting Mexico that Trump wasn’t a Christian for wanting to build a wall on the border to repel the invasion. Ironically the Pope lives in the Vatican, a city surrounded by a fifty foot tall wall for protection from invaders? President #Obama suggested that #Trump2016 will not be the President. Dirty tricks continue from the Cruz campaign, causing him to fire communications director Rick Tyler. Here is the radio show from Sunday 02/21/2016 that covers most of the details. #Trump won South Carolina’s primary by over 10 points and is looking very strong in 10 of the next 14 contests.

Hillary Clinton answers the tough questions – hear her in her own word! Talk Radio Interview with Hillary Clinton – answers on Benghazi, email scandal, and her truthfulness on several issues. Listen now to the Roger Fredinburg show and Homeland Security Radio at…


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