When Irregular is Regular


Travel Alert — Be Regular, or Else!

by  B. R. Egular


When the train arrives at the station every morning at 6am, is that regular?

When the train arrives 10 minutes late, is that irregular or possibly “normal”?

Does that mean regular is normal, or irregular?  When you’ve been irregular long enough,  since birth, since childhood, whatever age; it seems like normal to you.    Or at least you want to be normal when you know you are really not.  Many tend to say they are regular when in fact they are really degenerating.    But wait, here’s an excuse,  that seems to “be the new normal”, “that’s regular for somebody your age”, “you’d know it’s regular if you had any common sense”.

Common Sense  :  Be Regular

Traveler’s Revenge:  a wake-up call that can arrive day or night, without preference to country of origin or location.  Can you hear the robotic voice within you saying:

“Be Regular or else”

What is else?

Are you regular or  “Regularly Bound”?

Do you need to be, want to be, could be, or should be—-regular?     There’s more to it than meets your eye.

Can you imagine anything worse than handcuffs on Pythonicus maximus?!   Like having that mysterious tunnel that runs from Kisser to Klipper, undulating out of control…and you have to act “normal” when you are irregular!

In any type of vehicle or vessel,  in any part of the world, on the land, on the sea or in the air…..

“be RE-Gular”

is one of the phrases

Conductor Max and the Mercurial Monkey

will be famous for

Conductor Max and the Mercurial Monkey

will soon remodel your ignorance

give you some common sense

re-generative advice


B. R. Egular


Is it regular for human kind to be a rapidly degenerating species in a death spiral for extinction?    We’ll be going into extinction right along with the honey bees…..

so goes Nature’s First Pharmacy…..

i don’t mean CVS, Rexall, Walgreens,

or whatever…else you might erroneously guess!

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