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“I have started my first business. New to marketing, I reached out to Ho Hum. They are dedicated to understanding my needs and my business. He took a sincere interest in my concerns and objectives. I was working on tight deadlines and strict budgets. Ho Hum’s response time, regardless of what hour it was, made the difference. This was one of my first decisions as a new business owner. It was the right one.  Thank you Ho Hum!” Rick Osborne –

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At Ho Hum Productions, we offer a wide variety of sources for advertising on the radio, radio talk shows, and much more. Here is a partial list of the companies we can place your advertising with at discount prices including:

Cumulus Media Networks:

ABC News Radio
ABC News Now
Michael Savage
ABC Sports access
Digital options.
Money Talk with Bob Brinker
News Talk

Talk Radio Network

Including: Jerry Doyle, Rusty Humphries, Andrea Tanteros, and their entire line-up.
NOTE: TRN has gone through a number of changes and this information may not be accurate any longer. Call for details and options.

ESPN Radio including: The Herd w/Colin Cowherd

Premier Radio Networks including: Sean Hannity, and The Glenn Beck Program

Genesis Communications Network including: Alex Jones and Joyce Riley.

Salem Radio Network including: Bill Bennett’s Morning In America, The Mike Gallagher Show, Janet Parshall’s America, The Dennis Prager Show, The Michael Medved Show, and many more. Note: Some of these have changed…

Today, traditional radio reaches over an estimated 230 million listeners each day, representing a majority of the nation.

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Talk and News radio offers the large budget advertiser great exposure options as well as many small to medium local and regional shows for every other budget. your advertising message is sure to reach a great audience and can be tailored for your specific product or service.

Satellite Radio is on the scene with SiriusXM leading the way. Many of today’s biggest talk radio stars have shows on satellite radio. It is there you will find Howard Stern, and many others.

With listeners in the millions every day, you will be able to find your market on satellite radio.

Internet Radio is still making a huge impact for the small to medium budget advertiser. Many of today’s top radio personalities are using the internet radio platform for their shows including Laura Ingraham through her new partnership with Courtside Entertainment Group’s Lunchpad Digital Media. What this means for you, the advertiser, is an unique opportunity to advertise on these shows at a lower price point than the more traditional broadcast forms.

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