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Transit Time for Frugivorous Omnivores

  Transit Times Ignored or honored?   Good morning Frugivorous Omnivores, known and unknown. How’s your transit time?  Is it Congested like most freeways? Are you Rushed, and  you ‘don’t have time’? Can you Ignore it?   Remember:   ‘..it happens’! No motion?   Not even in Australia and New Zealand In motion?  

Culture Renewal Invisibly from Garden to Gullet

  It’s time to get multiSensOrally involved.   Move into new dimensions, NOW, internally, externally and eternally. *****flash-back from another time*****another dimension***** “Mistress Mary, quite contrary, how ….. does your garden grow?” Did you ever hear her say:   “because of increased nutrient availability of the nutrients necessary for growth, development,