Stop Animal Cruelty – Bring back Family Farms | Are Commercial Farms EVIL?

farm animalsI grew up in a home that respected animals. My parents taught us early where meat came from by engaging us in micro farming and later on a 40 acre ranch, plus they took us down to the local abattoir – where we learned up close and personal how cattle are processed into food.

We had dogs, cats, sheep, goats, horses, cattle, ducks, geese, chickens and sheep. We were raised to treat them well, feed and care for them, water and love on them – all the while, knowing that some of them would end up in the freezer and eventually on the kitchen table as the family meal.

Not once did we ever mistreat our animals – we knew they weren’t all pets, but we took responsibility as stewards and cared for them as best as we were able.

I think these large corporate farms are within their rights to provide a service that feeds us and the world – But under no circumstances does anyone have the right to be cruel to innocent livestock.

I realize that there are even more disgusting things happening out there – Planned Parenthood selling baby parts and the like… but I saw this video and just had to comment.

The solution is to incentivize small family farms, get people connected to their own food supply chain and strive to have locally grown meat and produce. Non GMO if possible.

Watch this video and you will be as appalled as I am!

Click here to watch the video – It is disgusting that people can be so cruel

God Bless –Roger Fredinburg