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Poisoned Pineal and Premature loss of Prehensile Passions

Recently in the news….PipelinePutrefaction and premature loss of prehensile pleasures and passions. Roundup chemical,  Glyphosate,  in combination with aluminum synergistically induced pineal gland pathology, which in turn was linked to gut dysbiosis (P3–PythonPipelinePutrefaction) and neurological disease. Dysbiosis: Looks like a job for Theralac PRO, TruFlora and Enzalase ……. neurological diseases,

Sugar: #1 Degenerative Disease Stimulant

#1 Degenerative Disease Stimulant, Gateway Drug, Inflammatory Agent the Universal ghost villain with multiple personality and developmental disorders Sugar supports prematurely degenerating bodies. Sugars are building blocks for carbohydrates not a youthful body, not a YouthfullNation. take a carbohydrate, a piece of stale bread, chew it and mix with saliva

Mercury Monkey on you back or in your mouth?

DD$ —– Degeneration Deception $ Did you pay $ to a professional to Deceive you, take your money without being fully informed and implant an extremely dangerous guaranteed material ( a silver filling ) that would ravage your entire body and promote Degeneration for the duration of  your life? Invest

“Silver fillings” Deception

DDS:  Deception Doctor Silver ?   “Silver fillings” is the great deceiver. About one-fourth of Americans, quite understandably, think that amalgam’s main component is silver, not mercury. Thus, deceptive marketing works, unfortunately! We must stop the dental industry from using this term, and Consumers for Dental Choice’s campaigns can do

Is a silent silver bullet altering your future?

The Silver Bullet Hidden in your Tooth Premature Degeneration without Regeneration This is the week to shine the spotlight on your passport to premature degeneration. Do you have one? Silver/Mercury fillings, often erroneously referred to as Silver restorations, don’t restore; they destroy everything about your future. The missing element in

Advertising: Can it change function and structure of the human body?

How often do you see the words change, the meanings change, the ‘normal range’ change, the side-effects change, the dosages change, the rules change? Suddenly we see structure and function of the human body changing…..for the worse…..even on the path to extinction.   Why? Could it be lack of education and

Nasal Balloon inflation. recent new classroom activity

Children with otitis media, glue-ear, with effusion were effectively treated with nasal balloons. A new, nonsurgical treatment option for the millions of people diagnosed with the ailment annually in the United States, according to a pragmatic trial. Otitis media, or glue ear, affects up to 80% of children. 2.2 million

Palliative (Mask, cloak or hide) …..”give no poisons” … “do no harm”

No comments needed from the silent majority. Your mind might be talking to you; are you listening?   Drink 2 glasses of water — Sleep on the 3 repetitive phrases in bold and make your comments  here in the morning. ————————————————————————————————————————– …..a recent NEW? Discovery!!! Patients with end-stage cancer often

The Last Flush — Gaming Mother Nature

 The Last FLUSH — Gaming “Mutha-N” Rich Gorris, DDS, Ltd. © Ardege 2015   When the last ball drops…a bazillion are made. Do you have a Mercurial Monkey on your back, raining from the skies, in your mouth, on your face and in your future?   With the rise in

Emerging new chemical dependency = INSTANTitis.

Excessive symptoms from nutrient deficiency;  a new chemical dependency emerges. Dependency on convenience has been found to be a contributing cause for many inconveniences, sometimes referred to as symptoms such as Inflammation and Instantitis Deficiency in nutrients leads to an excess of symptoms…if you are aware ! Dys-Function Degeneration Dys-Ease