Sugar: #1 Degenerative Disease Stimulant

#1 Degenerative Disease Stimulant, Gateway Drug, Inflammatory Agent

the Universal ghost villain with multiple personality and developmental disorders

Sugar supports prematurely degenerating bodies.

Sugars are building blocks for carbohydrates not a youthful body, not a YouthfullNation.

take a carbohydrate, a piece of stale bread, chew it and mix with saliva for 5 minutes, it will get sweeter by the minute….as the carbohydrates are broken down into sugars…your tongue detects the conversation…..your brain gathers the building blocks for chemical dependency and addiction…and it’s not even a narcotic!

you tongue even has highly specialized taste buds focused specifically on SWEET.
Amino acids are building blocks for proteins.

Sugar like ta ffy takes on many sizes, shapes,
Sugar doesn’t always mean what you think it means.long

Sugar: One of the Most Inflammatory Ingredients entering the Gateway to Youthfulness …Gateway to Drugs and other destructive habits, traits,, meanings, even personalities. Very few living things can get along without some specific types of sugars with roles clearly defined.

Sugar is like the weather, depends upon your proximity to it and participation with it.
It’s virtually impossible to address inflammation without noting the role of sugar, found in ample supply in most processed foods.

Besides promoting chronic inflammation, refined sugar intake can also exert a toxic effect by contributing to insulin and leptin resistance and impaired signaling, which play a significant role in your mental health.